What to Expect




The purpose of Trek is “to experience firsthand the faith and determination of the pioneers” (lds.org). Trek will be an immersive experience with the opportunity for significant growth, both spiritual and personal, for those who are prepared and willing. You will be pulling handcarts, working together with your families, and learning about some of the remarkable pioneers that paved the way for us in the these, the Latter Days.

You will have the opportunity to wear Pioneer style clothing, which will enrich your individual experiences, and you will also have the great privilege of doing Family History, specifically finding a family name to take to the Temple for baptism. This name will be the person you are walking for during Trek. You will find that the promise of Elijah, that the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers, will be fulfilled as you journey on behalf of an ancestor from your very own family lineage.

You must be willing to put your shoulder to the wheel and allow the Spirit to teach and prompt you along the way! If you do this, you will feel the Spirit testify wonderful truths to your heart and mind! The Church website reminds us that, “The handcart pioneers’ trek was arduous. Some of these Saints faced harsh winter storms, inadequate clothing and shelter, insufficient food, illness, and death. Clinging to their faith in God and their vision of Zion, they persevered through the most daunting conditions. If done safely, trek reenactments can help today’s youth learn to persevere, turn to God in their times of trial, and gain a testimony that He will help bear their burdens.”

The journey may be rigorous, so it is important to begin preparing today! Wards are encouraged to plan at least two hiking events with their youth leading up to Trek. Youth should begin an exercise plan, learn about proper hydration, and be sure to properly fill out all forms, including food allergies and medications. This preparation will ensure a safe experience for all involved. We will have a skilled medical team that will accompany us along the way.

It is of the utmost importance that you come with the proper gear (see youth and leaders tab for packing list) to see you through your journey. Hiking shoes are essential and must be broken in prior to the week of Trek. 

Our desire is that youth and leaders will come prepared to endure the strenuous, yet rewarding environment of Trek in order to reap blessings and an increase of understanding that can be achieved along the way. We hope YOU will Choose to Follow along on this marvelous adventure!

If you have any concerns or worries about your ability to journey with us on Trek, please speak with a leader. We would love the opportunity to provide necessary accommodations for all who wish to join us!

Bridging past generations to the future:

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